Styles "Previous" tab - how to get ik back in v.9?

In the Toolbar "Styles" (with tabs: Dual Horizontal, Dual Vertical, Explorer, etc.) there used to be a last tab "Previous" that returned the current lister to its original state. I found this very useful, but it appears to be gone in version 9 - can anybody tell me how to get it back? Thx.

Edit the styles tab and add the showprevious arg.

Thanks a lot Steve, works perfect!
In the meantime I read somewhere on the v.9 release notes that I must be one of the few people that actually likes this feature ... ???
I really use it all the time, after wandering off from one of my many complicated Saved Lister Layouts, to get back to the starting position.

Er - why not just create a layout which is your normal starting position and go to that ? :slight_smile:

That doesn't work for me: I have many complicated layouts, basically one for every project I am working on. When I open one (or more), it typically tends to get corrupted by clicking on other folders (not in the layout) which I need to access, for example to look something up; to return to starting position I could idd - as you seem to suggest - reopen the layout, but then I have an extra one on my screen (since I don't opt for closing old listers on opening new ones) and that quickly leads to clutter; instead I just click previous and everything returns to normal. I hope this is somewhat clear, and if there really is a simpler way of doing things, by all means tell me.

I meant 'styles' not layouts.

Should have been:

"Er - why not just create a style which is your normal starting position and go to that ? "

Or do you mean that you need the previous tab to return to the settings used by whichever layout was opened initially before you started fiddling ?

undo the fiddling, that's is exactly what I mean!