Suffered an OS crash and after rebooting

I received a message saying my copy of Directory Opus was running on a 30 day certificate?! Even though I'm licensed to use it on my own machine?! I'm on Windows XP Service Pack 2 on a laptop and have been using Directory Opus 9 since it's release and purchased a legal license to use it on my machine. Am using latest version of Directory Opus 9.5.4 and I've never seen this kind of error message before. Luckily for me I had a copy of my license certificate handy and was able to paste it back into the dialog box and now it's running correctly.

Why did this happen in the first place? And secondly...supposing this happens again what am I supposed to do if inputting the valid license certificate doesn't work?!

Good thing that you have a backup of your Licence.
Might also be good to License your valid questions through GPSoft.

I think the best thing to do is to report this directly to GPSoft.
They have the tools to solve this problem.

Check the log/quarantine area of any anti-virus/anti-spyware tool you run to see if it deleted the Opus certificate file (dopus.cert). That's about the only reason I can think of for Opus reverting to the stock certificate.

I'm running Avira Antivira Personal Edition. I'll try sending them a message about this error. Thanks for the heads up on what's probably causing this. But the thing is...I had a freezing issue and I was forced to reboot the machine and this Directory Opus dialog box came up. Never had this problem before.

Your HDD may be failing, which can cause freezes like that (and files to be lost). It could be other things as well but it's worth checking the HHD status with CrystalDiskInfo and running a Disk Check via the drive's Properties dialog.

There's not much point in doing that unless you've determined that Avira did delete the file in error.

Not the same prob, but here DO lost config files after some OS-crashes (Reset) 4-5 times in the last months. No prob as I always have a DO-backup, but just to mention!

I don't think it's ever going to be a matter of "Opus" losing it's config files - but rather your crashing operating system, virus, or AV software losing Opus' files on you... Opus throwing an error at you is just the "symptom" - not the "cause".

FWIW - by no pattern I can detect, McAfee OAS seems to periodically feel the need to delete the Opus ftp logs. Can't recall the specific message or threat it seems to detect though - and it's obvious, as the corporate policy is set to have McAfee throw it's error window up in my face to notify me of nastiness.

Crashing sys means manual reset and I just wonder that there's a dataloss only in DO but nowhere else. Never use AV's, 1 Virus every 3 years is worth restoring sys-backup in 10 mins. than losing speed permanentely :slight_smile:!

For what it's worth, I've had the same thing happen to me once or twice over the last few years, and it was never a cause for alarm.

I suspect it happens when Windows crashes while Opus is being loaded (i.e., when the certificate is active in memory).