Suggested new sync feature

I recently switch to Opus and am very impressed. However, it lacks (I think) one very handy feature that my previous file manager (PowerDesk Pro) has. Powerdesk remembers syncs, so if you do the same syncs often, they are available from an editable dropdown menu. This saves time and makes errors less likely. I often sync more than once a day, and 90+% of the time I am doing one of 5 syncs, so this was both a time save and a check against error.

Am I missing a simple (i.e., not writing a script) way to do this in Opus? If it doesn't exist, it would be a handy feature to add.

That's on our list.

At the moment, you can make buttons which open a pair of folders and open the sync panel, but the settings in the sync panel (other than which folders to sync) will always be whatever they were for the previous sync you did. (Although some people have buttons which copy the config file containing that information around to work around that, which is one solution for now if you really need it.)

Thanks. I'll wait. For the moment, what I have done is to create links in the Favorites folder for the remote drives to and from which I often sync, and I renamed them in a way that makes it immediately obvious that this is what they are (e.g., "for sync: F:..."). That's reasonably quick and reduces the risk of errors, so it's a reasonable work-around until this feature is added.

Other than that, I think this is a great product, and I only wish I had switched years ago...