Suggestion: 3-button menu-buttons

Maybe it's overkill, but I'd gotten very used to having a left-click Select All & right-click Unselect All button. I like the new button-menu in 11 but miss the functionality of the left-/right-click. Would it be possible to have that ability some day?

Enjoying the upgrade very much! Thank you for all your work on Opus! It makes my daily work-life so much easier in so many different ways!

FWIW, while menu-buttons used more in the default config than in the past, they aren't new in Opus 11. The only new thing is that the menu arrow can be hidden and then accessed via a right click or a long left click (as used on the back/forward/parent buttons by default).

Three-buttons are still available if you want to set up something like what you describe (Select All on left, Select None on right).

I guess three-button-menus would be possible, but we found people had trouble discovering, understanding and configuring three-buttons so I'm not sure if that's a direction we want to head in. Maybe if more people ask for it, though. Especially if they have linked accounts.

Account dutifully linked... :slight_smile:

I've used 3-button buttons - is there a better way to refer to these? - a lot. I'm just always looking for more, I guess. :slight_smile:

Now that I've linked my account, can I have 3-button menu-buttons please? :wink:

Thanks for linking!

Three-buttons is the official name for them, so that's the best term.

Three buttons would become obsolete if the @keydown modifier would be extended with right, left and middle click functions. This would even extend the possibilities, think of combinations for example control + left click on a button. Only problem will be the right-click to drop down in menus.

Three state buttons have a helpful tool tip so you know what the three button options do. You wont get that with @keydown modifier.

Any word on this? I'd like to execute Copy FLATVIEWCOPY=recreate WHENEXISTS=replace when right-clicking the standard Copy Files menu button.

Menu Buttons can only have left-click actions plus the menu attached to the drop-down part.

Three-buttons can have left/right/middle-click actions, but don't have the menu part.

You can have a three-button where one of the actions is a sub-menu. (I'm not sure that is officially supported/documented, but it does seem to work.) But it won't look the same as a button-menu with a drop-down.