Suggestion about behavior in Folder Tree


At some point, the right-click menu in the Folder Tree in Dopus became the same as the right-click menu in the Listers. Great!!!!! Thanks!!!

Now, a detail: If you have a part of a folder of file name highlighted in a lister, and you click the left arrow, the cursor moves to the beginning of the highlighted string. Not so in the Folder Tree. Would be great if it would.


Hans L

I'm not sure what you mean there, sorry. Which "left arrow" can you click in the file display?

Keyboard 'left arrow key'.

Both places seem to work the same to me, if we're talking about pushing the left arrow key just after you start inline-renaming (F2) something in the tree or file display.

Leo, of I have this in the folder tree: "List of conferences" and I highlight "conferences" and I then press the left-arrow button on my keyboard, the cursor appears here: conferences|

In a lister, if I do the same thing, the cursor appears here: |conferences [where I would expect it to appear]. I would want the cursor to appear at the beginning of the highlighted word even in the Folder Tree when I press the left-arrow key on the keyboard.

Hope this is clearer.

Hans L

How are you highlighting "conferences" ?

See attached.


But how did you do that? Mouse? Keyboard?

Jon, I clicked (mouse) on the item in question first, and then, I clicked on it again, whereupon the entire item was highlighted (that is, ready to be deleted or edited), and then, I placed the mouse at the beginning of "conferences" and held down the left mouse button and dragged to the right, highlighting only "conferences". I then pressed (on the keyboard) the left-arrow button, but, instead of (as in the lister) placing the cursor to the left of "conferences", the cursor was placed to the right of "conferences" (which happens when you press the right-arrow button, whether you are in the folder tree ori n a a lister).

Sorry for this very detailed account, but you seemed to invite such. Hope it is now clear what I am talking about. (If you do the same in a lister, you will see that the cursor behaves "correctly".)

Best/Hans L

If I follow those instructions, I end up at the start of the word "conferences", the same whether it is the folder tree or file display.

That is strange. Could settings of Explorer Replacement have an impact?

No, they wouldn't affect that.

If you have anything installed which changes how edit controls behave, that might be involved.

Have no idea if I have anything installed that would change edit behavior. Can't think of anything.

Well, have to live with this.

Thanks for your replies.

Hans L