Suggestion: Add Windows Explorer to the Lite/Pro comparison table

This comparison table is useful, but it would benefit potential users if Windows Explorer is included. I'm personally looking for the benefits the Lite pro has over Explorer, and it's not easy to find. Playing with the application itself I can see support for tabs, a more flexible search option, image conversion utility, but that's about it. I'm sure there's more, but where can I find the complete list?

BTW, is there no option to edit post?

It's already there - the first item in the list without a tick in the "Light" column.

No, add Explorer as a column so potential customers can see Explorer vs. Light vs. Pro.

I guess the Explorer column would be pretty empty though :laughing:

Oh sorry, I misunderstood.

I think you can just assume Explorer doesn't do anything :slight_smile:


Jon's tongue-in-cheek reply was pretty much on the mark. Is not the point that Explorer does not offer any of the functions in the list, so a column headed Explorer would be empty?

Then again, it's still superior to the "Finder", or some of Linuxes file managers... :laughing: