Suggestion: change width of three way buttons

Recently i made a new button in my main menu, and noticed, that the padding was much wider than with the other buttons, with extra space at the left and right. I found, that the RMB menu was causing that effect, with the description being wider. As i shortened the RMB description, the button now looks normal.

My suggestion is, that three way buttons would be adjusted to the LMB/main button text rather than MMB or RMB ones.

Edit, you can see what i mean in my example, where i exaggerated the RMB text to make it clearer.
Edit 2, i have re-edited my screenshot to show, which part i meant by being too wide.


I have experienced this, as well, and went through the same steps to resolve.

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You can adjust it yourself by reducing the size to the other button(s).

The main button has to be large enough to display all of the L/R/M buttons inside it, else they would be cut off.

I don't mean the info tip content, but rather the state, when i don't hover over that button. For the info tip it is necessary, i agree. But otherwise it doesn't look so good to have a menu button, that is unnecessarily broader than it has to be.

Are you, by chance, using spaces in the label before and after the name?

No, i don't. It is like in my screenshot, no extra spaces. It's the RMB text that determines the width of the main button, which is the reason.

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I had the same problem and arrived at the same fix after seeing your fix. Saved me time trying to resolve it. Good catch!