Suggestion: Default Lister Position

Is it possible to have a choice that allows you to open the Lister in the monitor that it was launched without having the mouse to remain on that monitor?

Currently, I have three monitors and launching DOpus in a separate window is very common for me. However, I can't currently move my mouse and expect the window to popup in the monitor where I initially launched it. I have to keep the mouse there. Although there are the two choices of "In a fixed position relative to the monitor the mouse is on" and "Always over the mouse pointer" these two almost act the same way.

I did not see a suggestion area so I'm placing this one here. My apologies if this is the wrong area.

The third option, Always in the same position, opens the default lister exactly where it was saved, always on the same monitor (the one it was on when it was last saved). Is that what you want?

If not, how do you define which monitor you want it to open on?

Here's an example that I hope you can see. There are three monitors. I right-click in the upper right monitor and click New Lister from the pop-up menu. I then move my mouse over to the monitor on the left. The feature I'm suggesting is if you can make it so the Lister will open on the monitor it was executed to open rather than following the mouse pointer.

I see now. So part of the problem is it's taking a long time to open the window, meaning the mouse may have moved by then.

One quick fix is to have Opus stay running in the background, since that makes opening a new window almost instant (unless there is a problem somewhere and it is that slow even when already running; if so we can help with that).

Thanks Leo!

Could you not use a Lister Layout in which a specific monitor is defined?