[Suggestion] Installer vs file associations

Just installed Dopus.
During installation, a couple of questions were asked to associate certain filetypes with Dopus.
It wasn't clear to me if these were internal (Dopus) file associations or system (Windows) associations.

Suggestion to make this more obvious.

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Thanks for the feedback. We plan to re-work the first-run UI soon. It’s something easy to forget about, since you only see it once, but also important, since it’s the first thing you see.

The viewer option only affects Opus, while the option about the default folder handler affects everything. The FTP option also affects everything, although it’s rare for anything to launch an FTP URL these days (and browsers handle them themselves if clicked in the browser), so we probably don’t even need to ask about that anymore.

They can all be changed via Preferences later on, if you need to.