Suggestion: locked color for display mode icons

I wanted to suggest that by default, display mode icons (e.g. thumbnail mode icon) could behave such that right-clicking them will "lock" them mode, and a "locked" color instead of the blueish color could be used for that icon in that state, e.g. violet color. Thumbnail mode would then persist when changing folders, and it would be visible that it's locked.

You can use the Format Lock to do that. It’s in the Folder menu and can also be accessed via the status bar padlock icon.

(If using Opus 13, the status bar has an info icon instead by default, with the lock option in the icon’s right-click menu.)

Hmm, but won't that apply ALL format settings to subsequently displayed folders, and not just this ONE setting (e.g., thumbnails mode)? E.g. sorting behavior etc.

But thanks for the pointer, I somehow forgot about format lock and instead expected, if anyhing a button config setting that would allow the user to e.g. right click the button to lock the format (this does not exist, right?).

It will, but that’s usually OK in my experience.

(I actually had the folder lock added to my toolbar...)

-> I checked my folder formats, and basically I have

  1. sort by modified instead of name, for Desktop and Downloads
  2. colored background for external drives (e.g. backup) to warn me that these are copies, not originals, or otherwise folders to be careful with.
  1. is no issue, but 2) would be a feature that would be overridden by folder lock.

It could be solved by these (not yet implemented) advanced settings:

  • cancel folder lock when navigating to different partition
  • cancel folder lock when navigating to a folder to which the user default does not apply

Wouldn't this be a nice advanced setting :wink:

(Main scenario for user lock for me is

  • keep sorted by modified
  • show thumbnails)