Suggestion: modal status bar for tiles mode

It would be good to have special modes for the status bar, like showing all tags (keywords) of the selected item in the status bar,
just to have a decent overview of existing tags in images (or music). This would be handy, when tagging images, now having about one
half of the lister showing the preview window, so showing the column isn´t really the best option. So, now i have to push "ctrl" in order to
show the tags for a selected image, or to use the keywords column, which tends to be too narrow, with lots of keywords given.

So it appears to be a handy option to use all that space in the status bar for this task, using all the vertical space (my listers spread
from the left to the right side of the screen). Of course it should be optional, something like "SET View=tiles,showtags" or something,
or with a hotkey to toggle between two different usages of the status bar.