Suggestion: Mouse Wheel Tilt changes open tabs

Some mice support mouse-wheel tilting to the left and right. I would like to see these buttons implemented in Dopus, if possible, to switch between tabs (at the least).

Would this be possible?

Kind Regards

I do this with my mouse by mapping the wheel tilt buttons to Ctrl+Page Up and Ctrl+Page Down, which switches tabs if using Opus's default hotkeys, and also works in most web browsers. (I have it set that way system-wide, but a lot of mouse software allows for per-process profiles as well.)

Doing it on the Opus side might be harder, depending on which commands the wheel's tilt is configured to send in the mouse software. If it turns into a generic "scroll left/right" message then it may be hard to tell apart from other scrolling events. But if it generates WM_MOUSEHWHEEL or similar then it might be doable.


What about an option holding RMB down, wheel up switches tab focus to the right, wheel down switches to the left?

I suppose I could make this happen inside of Logitech G Hub, native support would be nice though. If not possible or too problematic, it's completely understandable. The tilt buttons should really be mainstream by this point across mice manufacturers, yet for some reason, they are not.