Suggestion // Offer a "replace file" button on inline rename

Hi Dopus-Team,

could it be an option to add an replace file button when i do an inline rename of file to a filename that already exists?
Cause most of the time, this is exactly what i wanted. Replacing a file with another file in the same folder that has an other name:

I want to update my readme.txt but dont wont to modify the original file so i make copy of readme.txt to readme (1).txt and modify readme (1).txt.
Now i want to replace readme.txt with readme (1).txt as i'm done with editing and just remove the " (1)" from the file name.
A dialog shows up telling me the rename failed as there is already a file with this name.

It would be greadt if the error dialog would have a fifth option like "replace" as is what i was about to do.
At the Moment i have to cancel the dialog, have to delete the readme.txt and rename the readme (1).txt to readme.txt.

I's not that much work to delete the file first, but it's a bit anonying as i often run into this situaion.

Thanks & kind regards


You could use a button/hotkey/etc. which runs something like this:

Copy DUPLICATE PATTERN "* (1).*" AS "*.*" Delete

If you have "rename (1).txt" -- or anything with a "(1)" on the end of the name -- selected, clicking the button will copy it over the same filename without the "(1)" and then delete the extra copy.

With the command as-is, you'll be prompted once to replace the main file and again to delete the "(1)" copy, but the command can be modified if you don't want those prompts.

You can also make it ask you for the new name, rather than automatically look for and remove " (1)" from the name, if you wish.

Hi Leo,

thanks for your hint but this was more ment as an example. I have this "problem" also with other files that don't have the (1) postfix.

Maybe you can add it to your backlog for Dopus 11 or something like that :wink:



Change the command to this then:


That lets you specify the new name, replace any file that exists with that name currently, then delete the file you just replaced it with.

Thanks for adding this feature in Opus 11 :slight_smile: