Suggestion: partial flat view

It would be a great enhancement of the flat view function, if it would work on some selected folders. If no folders are selected, it should
open all folders, like we have now, but if a number of items, presumably folders were selected, it then would open in a "short" flat view.

For example, this would be handy for photographers, to view a couple of recent sessions in the flat view. We can have something similar
already through the collections, of course, but i thought this is a nice idea. :slight_smile:

Yeah nice idea... i'd find that useful.

If that is possible, I'd also prefer that over the normal flatview. Especially in folders with many subfolders and files it would be useful for me, not only for better overview but also to lessen the demand on the computer.

Not sure if this helps. Leo (I think) made a button a while back that would basically give all files from selected folders in a collection. So kind of works like flatview.

@disablenosel Find RECURSE NAME=* IN {allfilepath$}

I agree. This should be a great feature.

Now i have to open each desired folder in new tab, and than change each to flat view.
If there are not too many, otherwise:
Open everything in flatview from root folder. And than applying filtering or "selfmade buttons" to hide the unwanted folders.

Also the Button "Abort" by reading folder should not make all already listed files and folders go away, but just stop reading any more.
So at least, man can work with the files that are already listed.
This is important by listing of very large amount of files.

The button is great.

I also like this idea a lot.
The button also works well, but I have so many buttons now, its hard to find this one in the mess.