Suggestion: show location in info tip in flat modes

A little suggestion.

When I'm using flat mode to find a file that I know is in a subfolder, and I find the file I'm looking for, I often want to know which subfolder it resides in. I suggest that the hover-over "info tip" box should include that information as the first line, if any flat mode is selected.

(I don't have the Location field enabled in flat mode - I always use dual columns with fixed fields, regardless of flat mode.)

Great software. Kudos to Mr. Potter!


You can add {parent} or {parentlocation} item in File Types / Filetype Editor for all files.

Or you can add column Parent to Flatview folder format (Preferences / Preferences Categories / Folders)

I ran into this problem too. I added the full path to the info tip for all files and folders, which is sufficient most of the time. Hovering can sometimes be a pain, however, so I came up with the following two-step solution.

First, I made a toggle button (with hotkey) that toggles flatview and also toggles an extra column showing the full path. The @IfSet:FlatView test makes this easy:

@IfSet:FlatView=Off Set Flatview=On,MixedNoFolders Set ColumnsAdd=Path(*,625) @IfSet:Else Set Flatview=Off Set ColumnsRemove=Path
The problem is that the added column is now hidden — by the right-hand panel if you're looking at the left-hand panel, and by the viewer pane if you're looking at the right-hand panel. So you want commands that increase and decrease by small increments the division between the panels, and commands that increase and decrease by small increments the width of the viewer pane. Tbone supplied these for me using scripts; his final solution is at the end of the posting:

I then created four two-step hotkeys for the four commands. I'm finding that flatview is now much easier to handle, and I've been using it a lot more.