Suggestion: Token to show far left/right folder tab in Title Bar

It would be nice to have the lister window title display the name of whatever folder is on the far left side of the tab bar. And maybe the folder on the far right (but I'm not sure if I would use that...???).

I'm asking for a new token (or two?) for use in this option:
Prefferences > Options > Lister Title Bar: > Custom title:

This may be something not a lot of people would care about, so if anyone else would like to see this please reply here!

You could probably adapt the Tab-Labelizer - Extend the folder names shown in your tabs script to do that.

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On this manual page (!Documents/Prefs/Display_Options.htm), there is a list of all tokens you can use in a custom Title Bar. The tokens you want are %1, %2, %3, and %4.

Full paths with Directory Opus appended so you can other programs can see the name of the program in the Title Bar:
%1 | %2 - Directory Opus


Only the folder names you are currently viewing, with DO appended again:
%3 | %4 - Directory Opus


That will give you the path in the active tab on the left, not the far left tab (which may not be active).

A script could do it, though, since scripts can change the titlebar and can also get a list of all the tabs.