Suggestions for Best Compression Parameters

I decided to take a dump of the Opus' process. Its working set was at 600MB and it went up to 1.7GB when I took the dump. A bit too much for me to upload, but, as the dump thread says, it compress well.

I tried:
'7zip, best, lzma2, solid' and the output was 215MB.
'zip, best' and the output was 600MB.

This prompted me to wonder if it would be a good idea to write a script that automatically tried a bunch of parameters and selected the output with the lowest size. Could be handy when processing power is cheap and storage/network is costly.

I don't have extensive knowledge of the capabilities of the currently available compression algorithms, so I want to borrow the communities' knowledge.

What settings are probably worthy of a try?

I am no compression expert. It usually depends on the input file. However the 7z format is faster and has higher compressions than the older zip format. I have never found zip to be the answer if 7z is an option.

Yep. I was just thinking of switching to 7zip as my default, but lets see if someone knows of a reason to consider others.

Biggest ZIP advantage is that Windows XP and above has built-in zip support. So - everyone can unzip your archive without installing any additional software. But, as my experience shows, many people installs WinRAR, WinZIP etc. anyway (not because they need it since most of archives are zip, but mostly because "it should be installed" and many of them thinks that it's needed for zip files too).