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I'm currently a registered user of the Magellan Explorer utility. Periodically I check on DOpus since I have some positive memories on it back from the old Amiga days...

As far as I see, DOpus is a far better program than Magellan, but, it seems that I have to spend too much time to get used to it. :frowning:

I was wondering... Is it realistic to expect some of those features somewhat soon in DOpus:

  • Colour settings for compressed folders to be separated from colour settings of compressed files. For example, I would want for both to have blue text, but backgrounds should differ, as it's the case with non-compressed files/folders.
  • There should be an option for Desktop folder to be seen as a 'normal' folder (as opposed to Windows handling as it's done now)
  • About a small popup window that enables you to go to the parent dir... I would like to have an option to go to the drive's root directory after I press RMB.
  • Ctrl+TAB cannot be set as a hotkey
  • I'd like to have an action of assigning source lister's directory to destionation one (ctrl+tab shortcut in Magellan).
  • It's inconvenient for me to have only one Location edit box. It would make more sense that each Lister (in dual view) has its own Location box (in which its path is printed/edited). Also, maybe you could find a way to combine that edit box with a row that tabs occupy, to save some vertical space...

Also, one bug I've noticed - if you drag the tab of a Desktop folder, DOpus crashes.

Whatever you might reply - thanks.[/quote]

I would like that, too. I think they were combined to save space in the config dialog, but it's worth it to separate them.

Do what I do and go to the actual folder, e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\Leo\Desktop, which will appear like a normal folder. I've made this my default starting folder and also have a toolbar button to jump to there whenever I want.

The only difference is that if you keep parenting up from a place you'll end up in the Desktop virtual folder, rather than the real folder. But I don't think that is likely to change because the Desktop virtual folder is not a normal folder; it's a merged view of two folders (your one and the All Users one) as well as some extra icons such as My Computer and the Recycle Bin which don't physically exist anywhere).

That seems a reasonable request, but you know you can make a toolbar button which goes to the root? By default it happens if you right-click the Parent button on the toolbar, but you could give it a button of its own (or a hotkey) if you use it a lot.

It's one of the very few hard-coded hotkeys in Opus, used for switching between sides of a dual lister. Tab and Esc are the only others I can think of.

You can already do this via a couple of methods:

  • If Preferences, Listers, File Display, Enable file display Copy and Swap border buttons is enabled then you'll have some buttons in the file display border (next to the button which closes half the window) for copying and swapping the directories displayed by each side.

  • Make a button and/or hotkey which runs Go CURRENT OPENINDEST (there's a pre-made button in the Customize dialog for doing the Swap but I couldn't see one for doing the Copy, but that's the command to do it).

(While on the subject, you can also Swap (but not Copy, AFAIK) the sides of a dual lister by dragging on side to the other, provided lister docking and hotpaths are configured appropriately.)

I wouldn't use it myself but I can't argue with that.

Confirmed. I'll file an official report so it's in the bug database and can be fixed. (Edit: Steve beat me to it. :slight_smile:)

Edit the path field button and in the args field, put left, right or dest to specify which side the field controls.