Support icon overlays in more places

It'd be nice if icon overlays were supported in Location bar, specifically, the folder icon that is displayed on the left of it. Currently, when the horizontal scrolling style of the Folder Tree automatically scrolls to the right to reveal a folder name, it scrolls up to its first character, obscuring the folder's icon. This is inconvenient as the only ways to check the current folder's icon overlay as far as I know is by either scrolling the Folder Tree left, or to press back / navigate up in the File Display and check that way.

If icon overlays were displayed in the Location bar, they could be seen at all times, regardless of whether the Folder Tree is open or not. And for those people who use a static header instead of a toolbar for the Border, a way to prevent the icon from being obscured on automatic scroll of the Folder Tree could be useful.

A second place where icon overlays could appear are on the parent items (.. up arrows) in folders. This would cover the scenario of not using a Folder Tree or a toolbar Border.

Programs such as Dropbox overlay icons on items and it's often convenient to see the state of a folder via this overlay.


- Directory Opus v12.23.4 Beta x64 Build 7769
- Windows 10 v20H2 OS Build 19042.906