Support request: file dialog replacement


Dopus is cool, probably the best filemanamegent system around!

On windows there are many failures in the design and Dopus comes to rescue us old Amiga users.
But we need more! Every day the hideous file-selection method in Windows 7 & 8 makes me feel utterly dumb and clumsy.

Replace the Windows file dialog as well!
Anything! Just make it disappear! Even the one from Mac is much better!

I'd give 10$ for that feature!
I found some information about the subject:

We will never do this unless Microsoft provide a proper API for replacing the file dialogs.

Every other attempt to do it has proven to be a can of worms and produced more problems than it solved. Windows wasn't designed to allow those dialogs to be replaced.

Even Windows itself has this problem. Each time the dialogs are updated, software has to explicitly opt-in to receive the new versions, because it's so risky to assume they will work with existing software and all the ways the dialogs can be modified by each program.

There are some tools which add extra functionality to the standard dialogs, and some have explicit support for talking to Opus (e.g. to allow quick selection of folders which are open in Opus windows and tabs).

Yeah, on Amiga in early 90's it was possible to exchange the one and only file-dialogue, in 2013 we still have 2+ types of old or unconfigurable dialogues in Windows evil:!

You can change the older dialogue, which shows 5 favs on the left (network, desktop, documents,...), within registry. Just edit the entries in "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\comdlg32\PlacesBar" (you can't add new entries, but change the 5 existing to other paths, e.g. "Links" or direct folders, so navigating is much faster then after all!).

Have a look at Listary. It helps a lot.

Regards, AB