Suppressing errormessages from buttons

I created a very simple button that deletes one file, using the Delete QUIET syntax.

However, if I use this button when that file does not exist, I get an errormessage stating that the file does not exist (obviously). I thought that the QUIET switch would suppress this message.

Is there any other way to suppress these messages?

Well, I often find that such 'QUIET' swicthes just supress dialog stuff having to do with the execution of the command, but that when commands encounter a problem in their execution they still shout at you to let you know somethign is wrong... it's not really a 'dialog' so much as an actual error.

You could run the system delete command from a batch file instead of the Opus delete function...runmode hide delete.batIn the batch file (located in a search path somewhere, or use the path to the batch file in the buttons command) you can run the "del" command against the file you want to delete, and you don't even really need to run it within an 'if exist' clause... though I wish Opus let you use if/else logic with it's internal functions :slight_smile:.

Thanks for this tip. I will go the "batch" route.