Surface 4 Pro - Tablet Mode

I've created a layout called DOpus 12 layout that I've named "Tablet Mode"... It just has a minimal set of huge buttons suitable for when my surface 4 pro is in tablet mode, but I noticed the Lister's "Location Toolbar" is actually shared with ALL of the other toolbar layouts.

It's obviously fantastic that the location toolbar, like everything else in DOpus is so customizable, but connecting the exact same location toolbar seems to break a lot of DOpus's other flexibility. Without running multiple copies of DOpus's configuration files, how could we customize the Location Bar so that in "Desktop" mode I've got the very small default opus buttons, but in tablet mode, I've got very big buttons?

Which toolbar is used there is defined under Preferences / File Displays / Border. There isn't currently a way to change it via commands, and it's not part of layouts/styles.

Are you considering allowing the Preferences / File Displays / Border > Display as toolbar: "File Display" toolbar to be changed via Directory Opus scripting?

I realize it's might be possible via updating the XML in /dopusdata/ConfigFiles/prefs.oxc, setting the toolbar element's flags="0x488d" to set the toolbar as the File Display toolbar, then using dopusrt.exe /restart to reload the configuration, but won't dynamically updating the preferences from outside Opus be error prone? Seems like the file is likely to be clobbered... If you started by closing DOpus (dopusrt.exe /restart:norun), seems like the startup delay could end up quite long.

Isn't there some way to pass the /dopusdata or /dopusdata/ConfigFiles directory as a flag when starting DOpus? I couldn't find a command line switch for this DOpusRT Reference. I tried copying Program Files/DirectoryOpus to Program Files/DirectoryOpusTouch, but it doesn't help since /dopusdata is actually in /appdata/GPSoftware/Directory Opus.

Opus can run off of a USB drive, so there must be some way direct Opus to use a different configuration file, I just haven't been able to find it... Please help point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

We can add a command to change toolbar (which could then be triggered from scripting if desired). It's not complicated, it's just that no one ever asked for it before :slight_smile:

That would be excellent! When toggeling better a touch sized set of menus and regular mouse oriented DOpus, this would be fantastic!

While waiting for it, is it possible to launch DOpus with different configuration folders?

Could it be included in DO12?