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Surface Book: scrolling doesn't work correctly


I am using DOpus 12.7 (x64) and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (x64) and two-fingers scrolling isn't smooth at all.

  • moving the fingers just a little doesn't scroll at all (as opposed to apps like Chrome where it scrolls just a litte, basically following the fingers' move)
  • you have to make bigger and faster moves to have scrolling happen: it then scrolls a lot, like 5-10 lines in a row

It makes it nearly impossible to navigate using the touchpad gestures.

Note: it works with the default Windows explorer.

This may be a more general problem since the same thing happens with native Windows dialogs like the open/save file dialogs.


Update: I have the same problems with a Lenovo laptop that has Windows 10.


It doesn't sound like an Opus problem if it affects other listviews like the standard File Open dialogs.

It sounds like the gesture scrolling is misconfigured. There's usually a control panel or app to change how sensitive it is and how much it scrolls by default.


The gesture scrolling seems to be fine since it works as expected in apps like:

  • chrome
  • windows explorer

Also, there doesn't seem to exist such sensivity setting: there is one but it's there to avoid accidental touches.

My guess is that Windows emulates mousewheel events using two fingers scrolling in these listviews: this would explain why it doesn't follow the fingers move and requires a bigger move and why it skips several lines.

Maybe there is a way to properly handle scrolling gestures events?

Note: I have the same problem for horizontal scrolling, but here it only moves a few pixels, even when doing a very large gesture using the trackpad so it's again unusable :confused:


I looked at what happened in more details:

  • slow two-fingers scrolling doesn't do anything (in Windows Explorer it scrolls just a few pixels: as expected)
  • if I scroll long/fast enough, it scrolls a full page, no matter how big the scroll is
  • for horizontal scrolling, if the move is large enough, it scrolls a few pixels left/right


The File Open dialogs are implemented by Microsoft's own code, from within the same components that Explorer is made out of.

So if Microsoft's laptop running Microsoft's drivers on Microsoft's operating system aren't doing the right thing with Microsoft's listview controls in Microsoft's File Open dialogs, I think you need to raise the problem with Microsoft rather than GP Software. :smiley:

(I don't think any of us have a Surface to test on to try implementing scrolling via an alternative API, but I don't think we should have to do that when scrolling works with every other piece of hardware/mouse driver and when the problem with the Surface affects more than just Opus.)


I am pretty sure the problem isn't specific to the Surface. It may be specific to "precision touchpad" which is a new API introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10. Lots of third-party devices are using it, not only Surface ones. Unfortunately I don't have access to such a device to see if the problem is there too. Seeing how bad it works I am not surprised to see so many people plugging a mouse into their laptop :frowning:

As for reporting the problem to Microsoft I am afraid as a simple isolated user reporting it, I will simply be ignored. Maybe as a developper of a popular app you could report it?


yeah ,its true, i have the exactly same problem like you , xiaomi laptop pro with precision touchpad