Surface Pro 4 font limitations

I have Win10 and a new Surface Pro 4. With a 2736x1824 screen resolution, DOPUS fonts and especially icons look tiny indeed. I am aware you have a DPI dynamic scaling issue still being worked on. I have got partly around this by increasing fonts in Preferences and increasing icons from small to large, which is ok for now.

I am stumped at two remaining points:

  1. I can't seem to independently change the font in the Filter Bar. I set the Filter Bar to always be active (shows on the bottom of the lister) - Preferences / File Displays / Filter Bar. Thus, the font in the filter bar is now too large to read, and it goes off the bottom of the box, below visibility. It seems to scale with the other fonts, but really needs its own separate setting to avoid this problem.

  2. I can't scale the dopus default icons to be larger than "large". I still find the icons too small for me on this screen resolution (esp the Back, go up, etc icons). I assume they cant be scaled further? Do I need to change them all to some independent icon set?

  1. Will be addressed with the coming DPI improvements.

  2. Will be as well, but can be worked around now by installing a larger toolbar icon set. The Icons area here at the forum has some options, with one by Chris matching the look of the standard icons and working well as a larger replacement.

Thanks a lot Leo (he who never sleeps!)..

Did the latest opus update 11.18 fix this issue

No, the big DPI update will be a bit longer.

Do you have a version number that this will be updated in? Thank you.

12.0, some months ago. :slight_smile: