Swap directories of source and destination pane?

I'm aware of "Go SWAP" which swaps all tabs of the source and destination displays. But what I need is to just swap the active tab of the source with the active tab of the destination display (leaving all other tabs untouched).

The only solution I've figured out myself is using the "Go" command and some variables to manually swap the pathes of source and destination tab. But I need to actually swap the tabs (e.g. to keep the file selection, the viewport position, etc.).

Did I miss some command?

Leo, do you have an idea how to achieve this?

This command will do it, although the tabs will be moved to the end rather than retaining their relative positions:

Set STATE=Dest 

Thank you very much, this works much better than my own hack.

PS: Maybe it would be a nice addition to have a "Go TABSWAP" command, only swapping the active tabs but keeping their positions!?

Or an optional argument to the "Go TABMOVE" command allowing to control whether the moved tab should be appended to the end or inserted beside to the active tab (e.g. on the right side).

Yes we'll look at adding both of those.

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Just dropping by to say I had the same question and this has answered it!
Great to see that Go TABSWAP has also actually been implemented in the meantime.