Swap path and button on bar

This is a suggestion for an option.

On each lister I have the folder path text and 7 buttons. In general, I read the path and click the buttons. It would therefore be more convenient for me if the buttons were on the left and the path on the right. It is a shorter mouse distance from the file to the button.

The X button is traditionally on the right so it might make sense to leave that one.


I might just be in a different frame of mind, but I have no clue what you're talking about. Can you post some basic screenshots of what part of the lister you're talking about with maybe some quick MSPaint hacks giving an idea of how you'd like it to be instead?

I think Antony means the buttons in the file display border.

Ah... probably, and wouldn't you know that when I looked at a lister to see if I could figure out what he meant I had my border turned off.

Looks like you've got it sorted out.
[ :bulb: c:\ant\work\test _____________ <- -> ^ <| |> = X]

what I would like to be able to have:

[ :bulb: <- -> ^ <| |> = c:\ant\work\test ____________ X]

I hope my ascii art helps!


By the way, if you want to make a request you should send it to GPSoftware. This forum is just for talking about things with other users (and sometimes GPSoft see things as well but there's no guarantee they will see or remember something posted here).