Swaping Type and Modified columns

I am clueless on how to make those changes permanent. I set the lister column widths and order the way I want them and save them using Folder Options -> Save -> All Folders + All Layouts and Folder Tabs. Still, switching to a new folder everything goes to what it was. I did follow the FAQ step by step still, don't know how to do it.

If you hover the mouse over the lock icon in the status bar (don't click it, just hover over it), what does it display?

The current folder format comes from -> Default Format
Click this format to lock.....

Go to Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats, then double-click Default Formats -> Custom.

Does it have the columns you want in the correct order? If not try editing it there.

If the columns widths aren't sticking, you probably need to turn off the auto-size option on the Display tab of the format. (Note: Display, not Columns.)

If other formats are enabled in the list, have a look at them as well to make sure they are as you want them.

Click OK when done.

Make sure you close any existing windows and open a new one to check with.

Yes, the auto-size was on, I would have never been able to find it by myself, thanks.