Swapped HD names stuck to a specific letter

I have a large quantity of drives which I swap in a rack on my PC. Whichever drive I shove in there is supposed to take the first available drive letter available Unfortunately, Dops seems to want to "stick" specific drive labels with speciific drive letters.
An example: Let's say that I once named the drive currently using letter F to "PHOTOSHOP STUFF". If I remove that drive and later on insert another drive which reclaims letter F, Dopus will also display it as being "PHOTOSHOP STUFF" while Windows Explorer will show the proper label, for example "AUDIO STUFF".
Am I missing something?

Do you get the correct label if you use File > Exit Directory Opus, then restart it?

Somehow, even without exiting Dopus, I managed to get the right label back by opening an explorer window. If the same problem happens again, I'll try to do as you ask. I'll see how it goes after a reboot tomorrow.