SWEDISH DOpus users LOOK here:


Maby it's time to see if we have gotten any new Swedish DOpus users.
If you're using the Swedish DOpus translation (made by me) please visit:


to discuss the Translation or what ever. Maby something have irritated you, or maby you just want to write in Swedish because you think it's more easy.

This is NOT a supportpage for DOpus just a page to speak about the Swedish translation or other things that concerns DOpus.

Gammal! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

bork bork bork!!!


What if i want new Swedish users to join? :slight_smile:
Maby i want some feedback....
I know it's old, but hey the new users don't know this...

Or can't i addvertise here? :\


P.S it realy would be nice to hear what other Swedish users think....

Ignore nudel, he's just a bajs :slight_smile:


He's ignored.... :slight_smile:

And for sure he can't find the word Bajs somewhere.... :slight_smile:


Hehe :slight_smile: Me & Jon are just showing off our Swedish that we've learnt from the Swedish people on Quakenet IRC. :slight_smile:

/me bajsar opusman i munnen

he he he .... :slight_smile: