Switch Off Standalone Viewer

Currently, when I click on an image file outside of Dopus, I have set it to open with Irfanview by default or I can choose "open with" Photoshop.

In Dopus, image files open with the very useful Dopus standalone viewer, overriding the Win7 (64bit) OS setting. However, I prefer Irfanview so that I can re-size images on the fly for the web without firing up Photoshop. I can't seem to find a way to override the Dopus viewer and a search hasn't come up with anything. Can it be done?

To re-iterate, when I double click a tif, jpg or ther image file in a lister, I want it to open with Irfanview rather then Dopus's native viewer.

Uncheck the box in prefs -> file operations -> double click -> use internal viewer for all image files.

You can resize images very quickly and easily with the Opus internal viewer. Right mouse click and Convert Image (or Ctrl-I). I use it all the time.

Regards, AB

Duh! Thanks for two absolutely to the point replies. In fact the internal viewer does what I need for quick fixes as you point out, AB, so I'll continue with that.

I've used Dopus for quite a while now and the only 'problem' is that while knowing that it will do pretty much anything I can think of, I get frustrated trying to think of where in 'prefs' I would find it. When I do find it, it seems logical enough to find it where it is, though. Other times, I find it can do useful things that I hadn't thought of doing.

An inevitable consequence of such a versatile and comprehensive piece of software, I guess. Maybe the answer is to learn the help file off by heart!

Have you tried using the "Filter" at bottom left of the preferences dialog...?

I have but sometimes can't think of the term to search for.

A neighbour for whom I just set up a wireless network was upset at replies she's been getting from a forum where she wanted to set up a picture of herself. The problem was not that she was lazy or dumb, she just didn't know that such a picture was known as an avatar. When I told her, it took her no time at all to sort herself out.

Typing 'viewer' into the filter would've found the option (and several others, but narrowing it down considerably) in this case.

Yes, alright, I'm thick :blush: