Switching configuration like "user profile"?

I want to create two sets of configuration and switch them.
Is it possible?

Because I want to use Directory Opus as both file manager and image viewer.
But as an image viewer, I want to hide unnecessary files.
So it would be nice if I could switch the configuration with single action.

You can do that with the whole config, but if you just want to toggle showing non-image files then there are much easier and better ways to do something like that.

What are the differences you want between the two modes?

As a file manager, I want to show all file types off course.
But as an image viewer I want to show only certain image types such as jpg, png, psd, etc. and folder/archive.

I often have non-image files in folders so showing all is inconvenient to browse images.

A button or hotkey which runs this will toggle between just image files and all files:


That uses the Images file type group, but you can also use an explicit list of extensions if you prefer:

Set QUICKFILTERFLAGS=showdirs QUICKFILTER=*.(jpg|png|psd)

You can also save this so it's the default for particular folders, if you want.

If you don't want the Filter Bar to appear while filtering, so that the filtering is more "behind the scenes" and transparent, use this instead:



Set SHOWFILTERFILENAME=*.(jpg|png|psd)

All the commands so far will act as a toggle automatically.

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Thank you!

The filter isn't retained when I go to a different folder.
Is it possible to retain the filter?

If you're using the Quick Filter commands, turn off:

Preferences / File Displays / FAYT and Filter Bar Options / Clear Quick filter automatically when changing folders

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I don't see this option. Is this available only in the Pro version?

Yes, that option is only in the Pro version.

As an alternative, you could go with the SHOWFILTERFILENAME commands and then turn on the Format Lock (padlock icon on the status bar) to keep that type of filter applied when changing folders.

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I see. SHOWFILTERFILENAME is usable enough I think.
Thank you.

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Is it possible to combine grp:Images and specific file types as the condition?

You can edit the Images file type group to add any extensions that are missing, although I'm not sure off the top of my head if that is in Light.

Or you can add extra extensions abc and xyz to the wildcard like this:


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Hmm, it seems that only later condition is applied?

This seems to work.

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