Switching tabs from source to destination

Hi guys,

When I drag a tab from the source lister to the destination lister it does not become the active tab, instead the previous active tab remains the active tab. Can this be changed so the tab I am dragging become the active tab? Selecting the tab obviously makes it the active tab but this means an additional click to select and then another click to re-select the source lister.

Maybe a feature request if not....



A couple of images in case I have not explained correctly...

I guess not then. Is this something worth requesting or does it behave in this manner for a reason?

I don't think there is any way to make tabs active after drag & drop. From a quick look, there doesn't seem to be a command that would do it either. (Go TABMOVE leaves the moved tab inactive, same as drag & drop.)

Like anything, it could be added. I haven't looked in detail but I expect the code would be simple compared to finding space for another Folder Tabs option in Preferences and getting the new setting translated and documented.

If a couple more people say they want it as an option we can probably fit it in to a future beta. Anyone else reading want this?

Yes please, it makes sense.

Regards, AB

Me, too!!!

I'd use it. Not a high priority for me, but useful.

I think it makes sense as long as it's for split/dual views (source/destination). When I'm in single view and drag-n-drop a folder to make a new tab, I personally would not want the newly created tab to be the active one because sometimes I sit there and pick the ones i want to be new tabs and do them one at a time. Having to go back to the first tab to pick more would not be fun.

But in split/dual (source/destination) setup, I could see this being an ok thing to happen :thumbsup: