Symbolic link to network drive does not refresh on renames

I've seen posts about symbolic link issues, but they were supposedly fixed. With opus v12.20 I've created a symbolic link like:

mklink /d c:\stuff \\server\d\target

If from my computer I go into \stuff folder and rename a file there, it doesn't appear that I did unless I do a refresh. Same problem with deleting a file. Strangely, the Folder Tree does show updates done there immediately. The refresh works correctly with Windows Explorer.

I tried the same thing here and it works without issues.

Whether I do the rename via the symlink or the UNC path, both update.

Try the suggestions in the general FAQ on change notification issues, and see what the debug/diagnostics mode reports:

Thanks for the quick reply, Leo. As usual, RTFM applies and it was "Preferences / File Operations / Options: Detect external file changes on network drives is turned on".

That's what happens when you make a great app that is so complete and comprehensive that it's overwhelming to absorb it all (and even to read through the tons of docs and posts)!