Symlink or Junction for Dropbox relocation?

My SSD is getting too full so i want to move DropBox files to a different hard drive inside the same system (yes i know about Dropbox Smart Sync)
I don't want to change the default Dropbox location using Dropbox settings because i have a million scripts hard coded to %USERPROFILE% to build the Dropbox path and these are working across a few boxes here on my LAN (peer to peer)
so my question is this: can i use Dopus to create a Symlink or Directory Junction or something like that so that the files reside on a different drive but Dropbox thinks they are in the default path starting with %USERPROFILE% ?
am not sure i understand the difference between a Junction and a Directory Symlink

Yes, you can use Opus: Making Junctions and Links

A symlink aka softlink is usually more flexible than a junction, so I would go with that.

It's probably best to move the folder using Dropbox's settings, so Dropbox itself knows the real location and syncs to it directly, and then create a symlink from the old to the new location afterwards, to cover scripts with hardcoded paths.

Better to use the real location in as many things as possible, especially if the two folders are not on the same drive (which will be the case if the move is due to space running out), as some things may assume they can rename things to move them from e.g. the temp folder to the dropbox folder if their paths start with the same drive letter. (Some things will be more intelligent and not assume that, but it's not that common.)

thanks a lot, i will digest this but my eyes are glazed over at the moment :slight_smile: