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Synchronization does not compare hidden files and does not ignore empty folders


If Hide hidden files and Hide protected operanting system files are enabled, these files are not compared in synchronization. It would be interesting if you had an option in the sync panel to sync all files, including hidden ones.

And there is a strange bug in synchronization. If the options to hide hidden files and system files are enabled, empty folders are compared even if they are inside a directory which has a filter to ignore it. For example, if I use a filter by full path to ignore the directory C:\Games\* and all its files and folders, synchronization will still compare the empty folders in that directory.

Obs.: I checked that this only happens when the "one way copy" option is enabled and the directory to be ignored is in the destination.


Could you post a screenshot of how the filter is defined, and the results you see that are incorrect?


Of course!

This is the file structure to compare.
Note that file T3.txt of Test 1 folder is in the FFF subfolder in Test 2.

Filter set to ignore subfolders.
None of the subfolders should be compared, including the FFF subfolder that contains the T3.txt file.

Synchronization result.
Note that the empty DDD and EEE subfolders were not ignored and are therefore marked to be deleted. The FFF subfolder that contained the T3.txt file was not compared as expected.
Only empty folders are compared when you apply this filter. This bug only happens when the "one way copy" option is enabled.


@Leo, did you check if this is really a bug?


Yes, that is a bug/quirk, due to the sync panel being "file based", and not being that intelligent about how it cleans up empty folders that it thinks are left-over after it has worked out which files need copying.

it's on our list now.

Was there also something else about hidden files?