Synchronization Filter Not Applied to Destination Lister?

Are there any known issues with Filters not applying to the Destination Folder in Synchronize mode?

I recently edited one of my existing Filters to exclude a set of subfolders when synching to a network drive. When the Comparison Results pop up, the excluded files and folders are missing from the Source Lister (as they should be), but they're shown as queued up for sync in the Destination Lister. If I switch the directories/listers so that source becomes destination and vice versa, then run the Compare function again, I get the same result: Files hidden in the Source Folder (which is now the other folder) and displayed for synchronization in the Destination Folder.

I don't remember this ever happening before. Is it a known change with v9.5.4.0, a behavior I've never noticed before, or just something I'm doing wrong?



Anyone else seen this or been able to replicate it? Is it just me, perhaps?

Can you show us the filter and how the sync panel is set up?

Oops — I guess that might help!

A little background: I keep most of my program installers (and related/support files) inside a subfolder of C:\Program Files called _downloads. I periodically sync that folder with an \Installers folder on my backup drive. Lately, I've been cleaning up my Opus icon sets and, rather than deal with all the UAC prompts that come from working in the \Program Files folder, I've been saving the works-in-progress in my \Installers back-up folder. Until I'm done with this side project, I don't want these icons (stored in \Directory Opus\icons in both directories) copied over to the other folder. So I've added a No Match exception to my usual filter that's intended to prevent the contents of \Directory Opus\icons from being synched.

Here are three screenshots, showing
url= the two icons listers side-by-side in a dual lister, with the sync pane visible[/url];
url= the details of my Program Files Exceptions saved filter[/url];
url= the results after a Compare, showing the files in \Directory Opus\icons successfully ignored in the Source Lister but not in the Destination[/url].

I've got it to fail sometimes as well after re-creating what's in your screenshots. I've sent the info to GPSoftware to see if they can reproduce it as well.

Thanks, Leo!

Sometimes, eh? That's even curiouser. Admittedly, I haven't tested the other, older conditions in that Filter (since they're irrelevant to the current state of both directories), but the /icons folder condition fails on the destination (and works in the source) every time.

I'll keep a watch on this thread and try to sit down and do some more testing. Thanks again for confirming I hadn't just lost my mind (again). :slight_smile:

I just realised I was probably inadvertently swapping the source & destination sides between some of my tests. That probably explains why it sometimes worked for me! Wasn't very awake this morning. :slight_smile:

Ha! It took me a couple of Wha?—Huh?s to realize I was doing the same thing when I first noticed it ... .

I didn't realize it initially, but it looks like the problem only applies to my Location (path) filters.

All the filters are files are applied as expected; it's only the files I'm seeking to exclude by Location that are showing 'em when I don't want to see them in the destination lister.

(Just to confirm, they DO get copied in the synchronize if I follow through; I had suspected they might be displayed but not synched for some reason.)

Just wanted to mention the issue is still there in :slight_smile:

Mention it to GPSoftware, not us. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Leo! I wasn't sure what the proper etiquette was, since I know it's been reported already. I'll follow up on the Opus support page ( — and report back here with any interested developments, in case anyone's breath is bated. :wink: