Synchronization Question(s)

I copy the whole direcory structure from computer A to computer B. I then work on computer B and change files and their locations. Maybe also move some subfolders.

I may also have created a few files on computer A.

How can I now update computer A so that it has the same files and dir structure as computer B?

Case 1. If I ignore the new files on computer A (simplest way may be to simply delete the structure on computer A and then copy the structure from B to A - although it may take some time as I have ~ 10 GB?).

Case2. If I need to keep the new files on computer A?


You can use the Synchronize tool within Opus to do this interactively or the Copy UPDATEALL command to do it automatically.

It is not clear to me how the synchronize works when I have changed the directory structure so that files in computer B are now in a different location than they are in computer A?

Oh, in that case it's no use to you and John's advise in the other thread about Select SOURCETODEST in flat mode is the best I can think of as well.