Synchronize 2 Subfolders out of 50 Subfolders

I have opened the left and right panes of a dual lister in a folder "Merry's Documents" which is in two different paths.

In Synchronize, I add the following filter:

Subfolder "Doski" has a difference of one file. Running the Synchronize, no differences are.

Please help. Syntax error? Use Full Path instead? And instead? Thanks.

Instead of Location, use Full Path.

Instead of Merry's Documents\xyz\*.* use *\Merry's Documents\xyz\*.

If that still doesn't work, try changing Merry's Documents to just Documents in case it's the real path and the longer name is just a display name. (Don't think that should matter, but it's possible, if those are the Windows-provided documents folders or copies of them.)

Thank you very much. This did the trick:


It works for a few folders but the process is unwieldy with, say, ten or more folders.

For this reason, I would request a feature where simply selecting the folders, opening the Synchronize pane and hitting Compare synchronized those selected folders.

Thank you.