Synchronize, Compare does not update results window

The Compare Button on the Sync windows does not update the results if the contents of the folders are changed outside of Opus. But, if I restart the lister, the contents are corrects. See attached screen shots.

Try closing the previous result window before clicking Compare again.

There isn't a "results" window. Only the two folders that are open for the compare.

I mean the one in the middle of your three Opus screenshots.

Do you mean the "Comparison Results" pop-up window? I have to close this window in order to click on the "Compare" button. The problem is when I click on the "Compare" button, it is not updating the two main folders, unless I restart the entire lister.

It seems to work OK here.

If needed, closing and re-opening the Synchronize panel should be enough to force it to refresh everything. You shouldn't need to close and re-open the whole lister.

The issue you're seeing may be related to the network drives not reporting changes properly: Changes to folders are not being detected

I checked the misc items you suggested. All are configured correctly. I also closed/re-opened the Sync panel; that works as you said. So issue must be related to network drives not reporting changes properly. We can call this issue closed.

Thanks for your help.