Synchronize doesn't update Source path

I'm using the latest and greatest version of DOpus (11.10 x64 build 5466, dated 12/19/2014 10:50:24 AM) and believe I've found a bug that must have slipped in recently. If I open a dual-pane lister and hit Ctrl + Y to bring up the synchronize panel below, it properly sets the "Source" and "Destination" fields based upon the current paths in the left/right panes of my lister. Subsequently navigating to a new folder in the left pane does NOT update the "Source" field, which I've discovered I'm terribly reliant upon, whereas navigating to a new folder in the right pane correctly updates the "Destination" field. Is there any kind of workaround for this? If it's not already a known bug, could you please fix it in a future release? Thanks in advance!

Click the lock icons at the right of the Source and Destination fields, so the locks are closed.

That did it. No matter how long I use DOpus, I still find options that I wasn't even aware of that were basically in my face. I wonder how it got changed? Thanks!