Synchronize DOpus between multiple computers

I know about the "Backup & Restore" Button and the necessary steps to export the hole config-file (.ocb) and import it at another computer.*
Is there a build in function to do this automatically at every start, without user interference?

If a "silent" .ocb import is not build into DOpus:
Is there a list of files that I could overwrite with a batch file that would achieve the same effect as importing an *.ocb file?

The Prefs command can do a config import without prompting, but you'd also need to export the config at some point or else you'd just keep resetting to the last manual save. (Or is that the aim?)

Config data is all files, with nothing in the registry (except one fairly obscure compatibility setting which needs to be handled before any files are loaded). So things can be synched that way as well if you wish. (The data is in your roaming profile area, so Windows will sync it for you if you have a domain environment.)

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The Prefs commands are exactly what I was looking for, thanks Leo!

Edit: FYI: the write protected config is copied from the server by every client at the start of DOpus. If the admin makes changes, he over writes the config and all clients get the updated version at the start.