Synchronize Lister command error

If i clic button "Synchronize Lister"

Synchronize Lister Go CURRENT DUALPATH={destpath} LAYOUT=synchronize
in single mode, message error is display (unknow folder) and if i press abord, dest folder is "C:\Program Files\Fichiers communs\System\MAPI\1036\LAYOUT"

See if this works:

@nofilenamequoting Go CURRENT DUALPATH="{destpath}" LAYOUT=synchronize

(The @nofilenamequoting should be on the first line by itself, with the second line starting with "Go".)

thanks but don't work :cry:
and "Synchronize Lister" is a buildin button.

I'm not sure where the command in your example came from.

If you select "Synchronize Lister" from the drop-down list of pre-made commands then the command field should turn into this:

Go CURRENT DUALPATH={destpath} LAYOUT=synchronize

Note: It's all on one line and does not start with "Sychronize Lister". "Sychronize Lister" is just a name that appears in the drop-down list to describe the command that gets inserted, not part of the command itself.

That command works fine here.

(Ignore my previous post about @nofilenamequoting as that does not seem to be relevant. The command above works as-is.)

ooooooooooh :angry:
i read my first post and i see... it's a copy/paste error my topic. "Synchronize Lister" don't exist !!

but i have problem anyway :smiley:

see this capture

PS now it's not C:\Program Files\Fichiers communs\System\MAPI\1036\LAYOUT but C:\Documents and Settings\Albator V\LAYOUT :open_mouth: (906 KB)

Ah, I know what is going wrong now.

The command has DUALPATH={destpath} but in your video I can see you start with a single-pane lister. I presume you don't have any other listers open, either, so there is no {destpath}. This makes everything go wrong because the command degenerates into


(or something like that).

If you normally want to run the command from a single-pane lister then change it to this to make it work:

Go CURRENT LAYOUT=synchronize

That results in the current path being in both sides of the new window when it opens.