Synchronize location of viewers


Is it possible to have Dopus synchronize the location of two viewers while browsing folders?

For example, on the left I have my local drive c:\webfiles\somesite and on the right the root directory / of The folder structure of these folders and subfolders is identical.

What I want is when I open c:\webfiles\somesite\somefolder on the left, the right would automatically go to /somefolder. If I go "up" in one of the viewers, the other should also go one folder up, etc.

This is very useful when uploading only some files to a web folder. WinSCP has this feature, and it's the only feature that's keeping me from swapping it for Dopus entirely.


Opus can do this, although I don't think the button to switch on the feature is on the default toolbars/menus.

You can add the button via Settings -> Customize, then click the Commands tab, Go category and find the Navigation Lock command which you can drag to wherever you want on your toolbars/menus.

A short video showing the Navigation Lock feature in action can be found here:

Excellent, just what I was looking for! :slight_smile: