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Synchronize - remember previous "Source" and "Destination"


I am often using "Synchronize". Each time I have to select the "Source"-
and "Destination"-folder.

Wud it be possible to have DO remember the previous folders? So I can select those from a drop down list?
Rather than to browse to those folders each time.

Have tired to make it more visible below.

thank you


You should be able to save a layout where the two folders are source and dest and the sync panel is on. You could do that for each pair of folders.


Seems to me though that this is a kind of workaround..? Whereas in many other instances with DO it is easy to select from a pulldown menu.


True. I think it's better in some situations and worse in others. Having the sync tool remember previous folders seems sensible.

Don't forget to send a feature request to GPSoft so they add it to their list.


Done! Let's see... :wink:



It would also be nice if you could set up different sync profiles. I'm typically syncing between multiple sources and each time I must manually select the folders.


Brought this one up as well and pointed GP Soft to this thread.
Let's keep our fingers crossed... :wink:



I guess this didnt make it into the new versions. It's a shame because it makes the synchronize function useful only for emergencies, and I am forced to use yet another util that saves sync jobs.


Why is opening another tool easier than opening a saved sync layout, if that's the only issue?

Or do you mean you want different sync profiles/options that you can recall in addition to the source/dest folder settings?


I just upgraded to 9.5 but still havent found how to save a sync layout. That would be ok, but I would still use dir sync to run "jobs" which is basically saved configs like source, dest, exclude *.log, exclude \drivers, only copy newer files, del files not existing in source etc.
That would be DOp(e)Us


In a dual lister, with the relevant folders in Source and Dest windows, click Tools --> Synchronise to bring up the Synchronise window. Check all the options you want in play and optionally select a filter to apply. Now click Settings --> Lister Layouts --> Save This Lister and give it a name. You can subsequently load this saved lister whenever you need it.

Regards, AB


Awesome, thank you for your time!


Note that layouts don't save the sync panel's setup. They'll save the folders involved but the rest of the sync panel's options will be whatever they were the last time you used the panel.

So it's fine if you always use the same sync options but you can't use layouts to recall different sync profiles.


I also use the synchronization functions. How do you exclude folders and subfolders when synchronizing? I am not sure I understand how the filter works.



You can use Location clauses in the filter, as described here.

Note that the SubFolder clauses described there do not work with the Synchronize tool. You have to use Location clauses (also described there).

The Synchronize tool only considers files, never folders, so the filter is only applied to each file to decide whether or not to copy the file. (If a file is in a nested folder then the folder will be copied implicitly.)

If you don't care about seeing what will be synchronized before you commit to the sync, you may find that the Copy UPDATEALL command works better. That can be given a filter which may use SubFolder clauses to include/exclude certain folders.


Thank you so much leo!

Do you always have to put a Name Not Match AND the Location Not Match? It worked when I did that, but did not work when I deleted the Name Not Match clause and only kept the Location Not Match.


You don't have to use both. You can exclude things by location alone, ignoring their names, if that's what you want.


[quote="leo"]True. I think it's better in some situations and worse in others. Having the sync tool remember previous folders seems sensible.

Don't forget to send a feature request to GPSoft so they add it to their list.[/quote]

Of course I did so, but I guess there must a 'bigger support' here to get this feature implemented :frowning:
Maybe in v.10 . . .