I have a recent PC where I already copied once the data of one drive (D) to the back-up drive (F).
I know that D.O. has some nice tools to parameter how to synchronize data between 2 drives, but I'm not sure how I should configure that to get what I want. This is what I would like to do (if possible) :

F should contain exactly the same files as D :

  • everything not on D should be deleted
  • everything not yet on F should be added
  • everything with a same name & same place & same name, but a different time of modification (date+time) should be replaced on F by the version on D

The goal is to have the perfect copy of D with the minimum of operations (except that it takes time to calculate it of course). So in principle, at the end, the total size of data should be the same on both drives and all the latest versions of the files on D should be on the F.

Could you please help me how to configure this correctly ?

Many thanks in advance !

You could use the Synchronize panel in Opus for this, but if you're doing a whole drive, and doing it regularly, then using a dedicated diffing or backup tool may work best, since the Synchronize panel is geared more toward smaller, ad-hoc, interactive tasks.

(If you didn't need to delete the files that are no longer there, you could use the Copy Update All command, which is fine with huge amounts of files, but won't delete anything. The Synchronize panel can delete things, but isn't great with tasks that involve hundreds of thousands of files, at least currently. I use Beyond Compare for that kind of thing myself, and launch it from Opus.)

Thank you for all this information Leo !