Synchronized Configurations


I run dopus 11 on two machines which have various files/folders synchronized between the two of them using another great product (Good Sync).

Question is, it seems that DO11 does not pick up on changes to the underlying configuration files that are synchronized. I have not done extensive testing here, but it seems like, at the very least I have to exit and start DO11 on another machine.

If I purchase the USB option, would that make it so that DO11 would recognize when it's underlying configuration files have changed and reload accordingly?

Is there any way to make this happen?

Some of the config data is stored in memory as long as Opus is running, and only read at startup. Other config data is read from disk each time it is used. For the former cases, restarting Opus is required (but may also cause Opus to save the config data it had cached, so you want to replace any config files after exiting Opus).

Note that Opus continues running in the background by default. Fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) to stop it. There's also a Preferences option to make Opus automatically exit when the last window is closed, if you prefer it to work like that.

(Also note that dopusrt.exe is not relevant here. That just handles desktop double-click, if you see it in task manager.)

The USB version behaves the same as an HDD install in these respects.