Synchronized directory change like in Filezilla

I'm new, I bought Dopus Pro today and despite the test phase I have a few questions that I couldn't find an answer to in the forum. Maybe I used the wrong search criteria for, sorry. My English is still as bad as it was last week, so sorry for that too.
First 3 things i missed inside the FTP-Options is Standard local directory
I can define the target start directory, but not the local one. It's true, it's not necessary for the FTP connection, I'm only used to it from Filezilla, but there is also something good about it.
And I find a synchronized directory change, especially with FTP connections, a relief. Is that possible in Dopus?
These features are included in Filezilla and it is nice to have these features.


You can use layouts, styles, folder tab groups, buttons, menus, or hotkeys, to open two folders side-by-side in a single click. It isn't limited to a local folder and an FTP site, but that is one of the things you could do with it.

(Scripts can also do things when you change folders, including open other folders based on the one you changed to, but that would be more complicated to set up than the other options.)

Depends what you mean by that, but you might be looking for Navigation Lock in Opus.

Hi Leo,
Navigation Lock is that what i'm looking for synchronized directory change, thanks.