Synchronizing folder/file panels

I like what I see in your product, expecially the advance search capabilities (Explorer Plus can't implement the NOT operator), the Dup finder (very well done) and Flat File View (Haven't seen this implemented since Norton File Manager 95). The viewer plug-in is okay (if you know how to write plug-in code), otherwise it would be nice to call a user selectable external viewer program when you click on a file. I like your video plug-in for mpg files (very slick), and everything seems to be well thought-out (hasn't bombed once since I've been evaluating.

One thing I would truly like to see, and that I haven't seen implemented yet in ANY file manager/viewer is to configure it to show 2 folder panels and 1 file panel that are sychronized. If I click on a folder in the folder panel, the file viewer panel shows the files in the folder. Usually, the file I want is one folder down, so I would like to configure it so that the left panel is the folder panel (one panel, not two) and the right panel is another folder on top, and below it is the files. When I click on a folder in the left panel, the folders undeneath it show up in the right folder panel, and when I click on the right folder panel, the files inside it show up in the lower file viewer panel.

I guess you would call this a synch feature in the panels. I've seen some Bible programs implement this where you 'lock' the panels together and they move simultaneously with each other.

Dopus has a lot of unique features, but I would welcome is to be able to scroll two panels simultaneously.

Also, could somebody tell what the Directory Opus icon in the task bar is supposed to represent?

If you mean launching external viewers (in separate windows) then you can already call whatever you like when a file is double-clicked.

(It's also possible to launch alternative programs when you hold ctrl, shift or alt, or if you double-click the middle mouse button instead, and so on.)

If you want to use external programs within the viewer pane, instead of a separate window, then that isn't possible without writing a plugin, which usually isn't possible unless the external program has been written in a way which allows other programs to use it as a component.

The QuickView viewers provide support for a lot of formats that don't have native Opus plugins. Check out the PD-QVP plugin in the Downloads section.

I think I see what you mean, and it's something I find myself wanting sometimes as well: Basically the ability to click a folder in the left pane and have it shown in the right pane. So the left pane is acting like the folder tree does when you click on it.

You can get something almost as good already, though.

If you hold Ctrl and double-click a folder it should open in the lister's other pane (which will be created if the lister isn't already in dual-pane mode).

It's not as nice as being able to change the other pane with a single click but it's almost as good. There is also an annoyance when more than one directory is selected when you Ctrl-double-click: The first dir opens in the other pane but then the other dirs open in new windows.

You can improve on this slightly by using something other than Ctrl-double-click, since it's the Ctrl key which causes the other windows to open.

I've set Opus to open folders in the other pane when I double-click them with the middle-mouse button. To do this, go to Settings, File Types... and double-click the All folders type at the top. Switch to the Events tab and define this for mdblclk:


The only problem is, if you have more than one dir selected when you double-click then the first one will open in the other pane and the others are ignored. It's better than before, since you don't get a load of unwanted windows, but it still means you have to deselect everything else before double-clicking the one you want. But, at least in Details mode, you can do this by left-clicking the desired directory and then double-mmb-clicking it.

It's optional but it has a few uses:

  1. It tells you that Opus is in memory.

  2. You can double-click it to open an Opus lister (or other things), which is useful when you can't see the desktop to double-click it (and don't want to use a hotkey instead).

  3. You can add and configure any commands you want to the menu which appears when you right-click it. I use it to launch Opus layouts, preferences, help files etc. without having to open a lister.

If you don't find any of that useful you can turn the icon off in Preferences.


Seems like a nice request, though Nudel's right about the alternative... almost as good. I guess what distinguishes it is when you have MANY sub-directories in a given folder that you'd like to browse into in order to copy something somewhere, your destination may now be out of view in the folder tree as you've expanded further down - either way up or down the tree... With this functionality, you could preserve the current folder tree view in the 'left' folder tree, and gain the advantage of browsing a huge sub-directory structure in the 'right' folder tree, still retaining the ability to do so by single click/expanding the tree structure. That way, Dopus helps us all fight the carpel tunnel syndrome :slight_smile:!!

I run into this very often and get more than a little annoyed when I have to scroll way back up a folder tree to get to the folder I want to copy to... But I find that just opening up a dual panel lister, each with it's own folder tree is usually just fine. It would be nice to implement the ability to do this sort of thing as some other option to the Go function so that you could trigger it by simply changing a 'click' event option like Nudel says above... like 'Go OPENINDUALFOLDERTREE' or something...