Synchronizing photo tags between two machines, possible?

Is there a way to do this? I would like to merge tags of two versions of my photo collection. I guess it's not possible, but it would be a good idea.

You'll probably need a specialised tool for that, unless you just did it by keeping the version with the newest date or largest file size.

Scripting could do it but it would be on the complicated side.

Basically it is the same database. A friend is adding her own extra tags, so it is quite hard to track down all changes. I will search for a tool that is capable of comparing metadata, maybe that's the right approach.Thanks!

Beyond Compare by Scooter Software is supposed to be able to this (according to what I've read on their website). I always text applications, but I have not tested this one yet. I plan to soon. I think the files need to have the same filenames.

Thanks, i will check that. :beers:

What do you mean? This field...


... or the avalanche of metadata that can come from an image file?

Hi lxp, yes, i mean only that field.

'Tags' in DOpus = Keywords in most other applications

'Tags' is what File Explorer and the Windows shell's Properties dialog calls it as well.

Well, that's not so complicated :slight_smile:


Hi lxp, thanks a lot, that's great! I will try it on next occasion.

:beers: :+1: