Syncronising folder structure changes in Google Drive

I am not sure whether this is really a Directory Opus problem, but my guess is that if I don't understand what's going on others may not do so either. So a discussion within this forum is at least justifiable.

I am attempting to make fairly major changes in my folder structure within the single folder which is synchronised by Google Drive on my main computer. Of course, I am using Directory Opus to make those changes. I would expect those changes in structure to be synchronised onto my other computer. But they are not. The folder structure on my other computer remains as it was before I started making changes using Directory Opus. The changes in folder structure have been correctly synchronised to the cloud as viewed in a browser.

Am I being unduly optimistic in hoping that the folder structure changes will be synchronised between my two computers?

Thank you for any advice you can give.

The way Google Drive works, programs can modify the local folder and it is then supposed to mirror the changes.

By the sound of it, Opus is modifying the local folder OK, and Google Drive then uploads the changes, but Google Drive doesn't download them to another computer? (Is Opus even on the other computer? Does this involve Opus at all at the point where things aren't working?)

I don't know which criteria Google Drive uses for when or what it syncs (maybe Google have documented that, or can tell you if you ask them), but that's what I would investigate if I needed to understand why it was not synching changes that reached the cloud but didn't go down to another client.